3 Tricks Car Salesman Use to Take Your Money

How to Overcome 3 Tricks Car Salesmen Use to Take our Money.

Purchasing a vehicle from a dealership can be an anxiety inducing experience. What I discovered was that the number one emotion women felt when considering buying a vehicle was ANXIETY followed by uncertainty. In this article we will review 3 tricks that dealers and car salesman use that cause this anxiety and uncertainty. I will teach you how to overcome these feelings, and become immune to the tricks.

The worst thing that can happen to us as consumers is purchasing something and quickly regretting it. This is called buyer’s remorse and it is a terrible feeling. Why? Well you just spent $20,000 and you are married to a monthly payment for 3-6 years. I do not want this happen to you! The following tips are designed to prevent you from being pushed around by the salesman and to ease your mind of worries in regards to overpaying.

#1 ~ Emotional Manipulation

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